Therapeutic intervention
for body and soul

Aromatherapy takes into consideration a person’s general health, lifestyle, emotions, and spiritual values.
Based on the use of volatile essences extracted from aromatic plants (flowers, leaves, stems, bark, fruits, roots), and essential oils for therapeutic purposes, its effectiveness has been proven by numerous scientific studies. We use essential oils externally (massages, creams, ointment) and air (diffusion in the air) following a rigorous evaluation.

Our holistic approach places the person at the center of care with the aim of bringing them balance, health, and well-being.

Aromatherapy care provided
by a certified integrative medicine nurse

Benefits of therapy

  • » Relief of arthritis pain
  • » Relief of fatigue and anxiety
  • » Correction of emotional imbalance
  • » Help with smoking cessation
  • » Headache relief
  • » Stimulation of concentration
  • » Stimulation of the immune system
  • » Relief from stress and fatigue
  • » Helps relieve temporary depression

of Bach

The essences of Dr. Bach represent 38 preparations based on specific flowers allowing to harmonize the emotions in the event of emotional imbalance related to a blockage or in the presence of discomfort. They are not drugs, but rather impulses which will “energize” your vital potential to allow the return to the good functioning of the organism. By its simplicity and its positive action on negative emotions, this therapy is complementary to naturopathy, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. Proven efficacy and no known side effects, this therapy is good for everyone.