High BP

Cardiovascular disease 

Don’t miss this opportunity to take charge of your health with a nurse.

We provide comprehensive individualized nursing care to our clients. This one month program includes:

  • Daily blood pressure monitoring.

  • Cardiovascular risk factor assessment.

  • Blood pressure monitoring teaching.

  • Individualized care plan.

  • Hypertension patient education.

Existing data shows that many patients suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases have poorly controlled blood pressure. This may be related to factors such as inadequate diet and stress management, a lack of understanding of their disease or unfamiliarity with their medication.

Our unique approach, based on evidence, offers the patient the benefits of proximity and support from a health coach nurse, certified in integrative medicine and a compassionate caregiver, capable of working in collaboration with the patient physician. This approach results in excellent patient outcome .

Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of morbidity related to cardiovascular diseases by helping patient to manage their blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.


Health education is an important and effective component for health prevention. It also allow patient to increase knowledge, self-care and self management of the disease they are suffering from. 

At the same time, patient education is considered to be a strong tool used to improve quality of life.


Life is stressful and many factors contribute to high stress. As we all know, people under chronic stress may develop high blood pressure and increase their risk factors for heart attack and stroke. This is the reason why managing stress it so important. This service help people to learn how to manage stress to prevent heart diseases and complications. 


Here, the nurse uses a risk factor calculator to gauge how likely a patient is to developpe a heart disease. Based on personnal health information, theses simple answers help calculate a score reflecting a 10 year risk for heart disease. Upon risk factor assessment completion, one may decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle or start taking medication, if nesserary.

individualized care plan

Beside the Canadian cardiovascular harmonized national guideline for prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, we offer personalized care plans because each individual is unique.

The care plan includes healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management, healthy weight maintenance and smoking cessation or alcohol intake reduction.       

Daily BP monitoring

In the always advancing health field and technology, everything goes fast. Patients education must be adapted to his rythm and level of understanding, which is not always compatible with busy schedules of doctors.

Therefore, nurses are trained health professionals that can support patient and lead them to positive outcome.            


As registered nurses, health coaches and health practitioners we value your health and it is central to our concerns.  This is why we focus on a collaborative practice, allowing us to provide high quality care and build a good health for our patients. However, this collaborative practice always requires patient consent prior to connect with any healthcare professional.

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Don’t miss this opportunity and take charge of your health.

Full featured solution (1 month )

This one month period service includes daily BP monitoring, risk factor assessment, Blood pressure education, individualized care plan,  stress management and connection with your doctor.   

Price: $300            **Opening file FEE: $18

À la carte service

  • Blood pressure measurement (in clinic) $ 25
  • High blood pressure education (in clinic) $ 55
  • Cardiovascular risk screeining (in clinic) $ 55
  • Stress management consultation (in clinic) $ 120
  • Weight loss consultation (in clinic) $ 120

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