Model of care

The health coach nurse uses the McGill model in her practice. Based on the recognition of skills, knowledge and habilities of client, the model involves its collaboration and then, empowers him. Thus, this model joins our mission to empower individuals while guiding our ‘’how to be’’ and ‘’how to know’’ skills.

Health coach nurse role

The role of the health nurse coach has several aspects:

– Assess Health condition.
– Identify client specific needs.
– Establish chronic disease care plan.
– Prevent chronic disease, falls and accidents.
– Provide counseling, education, and support to clients.
– Facilitate change and motivate client to adopt healthy lifestyle.
– Administer medication, care and treatment as prescribed.
– Promote collaboration with the client and professional interdisciplinarity.
– Design, develop or adapt educational health material and clinical tools.

The health coach nurse has the ethical responsibility to:

L’infirmière coach de santé a la responsabilité éthique de:

– Provide safe, competent, and ethical care.
– Promote health and well-being.
– Promote and respect informed decision-making.
– Preserve the dignity of the client.
– Respect privacy and protect confidentiality
– Promote justice by protecting human rights.
– Accept the obligation to render an account and be responsible for her practice.

Health coach nurse obligations

The health coach nurse has the obligation to:
– Follow up on her clients.
– Act as a professional reference professional for her clients and their families.
– Have the necessary skills to provide care.
– Obtain client’s consent for any care, treatment, or other intervention.

Health coach nurse limitations

The health nurse coach is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or other health professional. It is a reliable addition in education, prevention and health promotion. You should not stop your treatments and medications without your doctor’s advice. Always consult if your condition worsens or does not improve.

Code of ethics

According to the code of ethics, the health coach nurse must:
– Act competently.
– Demonstrate integrity.
– Engage their responsibility in the exercise of their practice.
– Respect the clients confidentiality.
– Obtain the client’s consent and provide him with the information necessary to make an informed choice.

General values

The general values ​​of the health nurse coach are like family values ​​and allow to offer the best service to clients.
– Respect: We respect your beliefs and values.
– Partnership: We work in partnership with you.
– Welcoming cultural diversity: We welcome cultural diversity and consider it to be an asset.
– Commitment to the community: Our services are offered directly to the community.
– Trust: Our relationship with customers is based on trust.


1. The client is our best source of information. He is the expert on his illness, on his health condition. It is the main actor who guides the change and the strategies to be adopted.

2. Advice, lessons and information are offered with the client’s agreement and only if he feels ready according to his life experience, knowledge, limits, and pace.

3. Goals and action plan are put in place with client, respecting his priorities and personal values.

4. We focus on changing inappropriate lifestyle habits to ensure a better quality of life and well-being for our clients.

5. The health coach nurse supports, motivates, assists, and guides the client towards a better quality of life and good management of his disease or symptoms.


Knowing that transversal skills can have an important place in the achievement of patients’ health objectives, the health nurse coach considers interdisciplinarity as a lever. Thus, the approach based on association with other types of health professionals will not be neglected if this enables a lasting solution to the client’s health problem.


In health coaching, we aim to initiate and sustain profound changes in health and well-being. This vision is the cornerstone of our mission. However, this achievement implies a good partnership. To this end, close collaboration is initiated from the first contact.


The health coach nurse considers client confidentiality of the utmost importance. In general, the information collected from our patients and clients is confidential. Name, address, and email are only obtained with your consent. No information can therefore be disclosed to anyone without your consent.
The health coach nurse coach has an obligation to keep confidentiality which includes the information collected by the nurse and disclosed by the patient. According to her legal and ethical responsibility, the nurse must maintain the confidentiality of client information obtained during care and services.
The confidentiality of the data provided to the health coach nurse aims to protect personal information such as client identification, contact info, pathology, and treatment, for the sake of protection and respect for the person.

We do not sell or disclose our client’s information to third parties. We may transfer your information to our partner; the medical analysis laboratory if you use our home blood test service. Also, we could communicate with your doctor for the purpose of interdisciplinary work. However, your consent is always required for these steps. The health coach nurse coach will never share your banking information with third parties unless you explicitly request it.

By authorizing the health nurse coach to collect your information, you allow us to personalize your experience with us so that we can provide you with high quality service.

By submitting their information, the client agrees to receive emails from the health nurse coach only. We only send emails to people who have voluntarily given their consent. So, please be assured that we do not share your information with third parties unless the request comes from you.


With the health nurse coach, you forge a real bond of trust based on accountability. This means that we have a moral, ethical, and legal obligation to take responsibilities for our actions towards clients and patients. We are fully aware of this concept and its impact on our nursing practice.