We promote staying at home,
By taking care of seniors, both near and far.

This virtual service provides peace of mind for families. It is designed for independent and semi-independent seniors living alone in their homes.

Perfectly suited for seniors in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or at risk of falls, it ensures 24/7 real-time monitoring and includes: 

  • 24/7 virtual monitoring.
  • Wake-up service.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Medical appointment reminders.
  • Meal reminders.
  • 1 hour/day of caregiver visits on weekdays (Montreal and surrounding areas).
  • Nurse evaluation as needed.
  • Prevention of dangerous situations.
  • Rapid intervention in emergencies.
  • Emergency calls to rescue services.
  • Communication with healthcare team and family.
  • Personalized follow-up.


A safer life,
Thanks to…
Connected  Virtual

Jean, 78, has been living alone in her house since the death of her spouse. Her children live far away, and although they call her often, they constantly worry about her safety, especially since she started forgetting to take her medication and nearly fell several times.

One day, after a conversation with her daughter Marie, Jean decides to do some research on senior monitoring and assistance services. She discovers the virtual monitoring service offered by Infirmière Coach De Santé, specially designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s or at risk of falls.

Jean decides to subscribe. Quickly, her house is equipped with discreet sensors and non-intrusive cameras. With these devices, healthcare professionals can remotely monitor her habits and movements. If Jean forgets to take her medication or if a fall is detected, a caregiver is immediately informed, ensuring a rapid response.

Not only does this system provide peace of mind for Jean, but it also reassures her children. They now know she is safe, even hundreds of kilometers away. Additionally, Jean feels less isolated, knowing that she receives a daily visit from a caring and attentive caregiver from Infirmière Coach De Santé.

With the virtual monitoring service, Jean can continue living in the house she loves, with the certainty that she is safe and someone is watching over her at all times.

How Jean managed to…


Staying at Home VS Living in a Senior Residence.

At 78, I chose virtual connected monitoring service over living in a senior residence for several reasons:


  • Increased Security:

    • Virtual Monitoring: My house is equipped with discreet sensors and non-intrusive cameras. Healthcare professionals monitor me remotely and can intervene quickly if needed.
    • Senior Residence: Security is provided by on-site staff, but personalized monitoring may be lacking.
  • Rapid Emergency Response:

    • Virtual Monitoring: If I forget my medication or fall, a caregiver is immediately notified and intervenes accordingly, while also informing the care team and my children.
    • Senior Residence: Staff can intervene, but the speed of response may depend on their availability.
  • Peace of Mind:

    • Virtual Monitoring: I feel safe at home, knowing I am never really alone. My children are also much more at ease.
    • Senior Residence: The constant presence of staff can be reassuring, but the environment can sometimes feel impersonal.
  • Independence and Support:

    • Virtual Monitoring: This monitoring allows me to continue living independently while benefiting from constant protection and support.
    • Senior Residence: Living in a residence can offer support, but often at the cost of reduced independence.
  • Reduction of Isolation:

    • Virtual Monitoring: I am connected to a network of professionals ready to help me, which is very comforting.
    • Senior Residence: Social activities may be organized, but they do not replace the comfort of staying at home.
  • Maintenance of Quality of Life:

    • Virtual Monitoring: Choosing virtual monitoring service with Infirmière Coach de Santé has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my safety and well-being. It allows me to live each day with more confidence and serenity.
    • Senior Residence: Quality of life can vary depending on the facilities and services offered, and some people may feel less at home.

Presentation of the  Solutions


This geriatric virtual monitoring service is made possible by two wireless surveillance cameras. With their great simplicity, these cameras do not require a technician’s visit for installation.


  • Pan and tilt view.
  • Indoor security camera.
  • Panoramic remote control.
  • Night vision.
  • Superb image quality.
  • Bi-directional microphone and integrated speaker.
  • Monitoring via nurse’s cellphone.

Cost of

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by a caregiver

A caregiver provides continuous monitoring to intervene immediately if needed. Additionally, one hour of daily visits is allocated to the senior from Monday to Friday to alleviate loneliness and ensure everything is going well.

During this visit hour, the caregiver can:

  • Ensure the environment is safe.
  • Ensure the equipment is functioning.
  • Ensure the senior has eaten.

for caregivers

In a dangerous situation, the senior can simply press the SOS button, then a phone signal is transmitted to the nurse. The nurse, can contact emergency services and immediately go to the location.


  • Waterproof call button.
  • WiFi emergency alarm.
  • Connection to nurse’s phone.
  • Stable recording.
  • Long-distance transmission.
  • Easily transportable SOS button (in the pocket, around the neck, or mounted on the wall).

Service subscription process

» 1. Contact-us

You can contact us

  • By phone at 438-375-4662
  • Par e-mail
  • Via our contact page
» 2. Request a quotation

Within a maximum of 24 hours, receive a quote related to the required service.

A customer service agent may contact you.

» 3. Assessment

A nurse will contact you for additional data collection and to carry out an assessment. A home visit may be necessary before agreement of both client and nurse. 


ReceIve equipment delivery to your hom. A visit from an agent may be necessary for adjustments, but not mandatory. And, finally, client can benefit from the CONNECTED GERIATRIC MONITORING SERVICE.  

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