Prevention & Management

Insulin resistance 

Don’t miss this opportunity to take charge of your health with a nurse.

We provide comprehensive individualized nursing care to our clients. This one month program includes:

  • Daily monitoring of capillary glycemia.

  • Diabetes risk factor assessment.

  • Glycemia level monitoring and teaching.

  • Insulinotherapy teaching.

  • Individualized care plan.

  • Type 2 diabetes patient education.

Existing data shows that diabetes is a rapidly inceasing disease. But the most worrying thing is to note that the number of prediabetics is growing and that most of those affected are unaware of it. At Infirmière Coach De Santé, we firmly believe in educating our communities to prevent this scourge. We also work on prevention of diabetes complications  through education. 

Our unique evidence-based approach provides the patient with the benefits of proximity and support from a health coach nurse, certified in integrative medicine and a compassionate caregiver, able to work collaboratively with the patient’s physician. This approach results in excellent health outcomes for patients .

Our goal is to contribute to:

  • Type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Type 2 diabetes management
  • Reduction of complications and morbidity related to type 2 diabetes.


Health education is an important and effective component for health prevention.

It also allow patient to increase knowledge, self-care and self management of the disease they are suffering from. 

At the same time, patient education is considered to be a strong tool used to improve quality of life.


Managing diabetes is not simple. This is why the support of our nurses can make this process easier.

We discuss important topics such as diet, exercise, medication, stress management and much more.

We also provide education and tools patients need to help them take control of diabetes.


Here, the nurse uses the most recent evidence-base data.

Upon data collection and physical exam, she determines clients risk factors to assess the likelihood of developing diabetes. The presence of risk factors is accompanied by a personalized plan.

Patient may also be referred to his Dr. 

individualized care plan

Based on national guidelines for prevention and management of diabetes, we offer personalized care plans because each individual is unique.

Thus, the patient can take charge of their health with autonomy, but above all, he can count on us when needed.      

Daily blood sugar monitoring

In the ever-changing healthcare field, everything moves quickly. However, health education must be adapted to the pace and understanding of the patient. Nurses are trained professionals to support patient and lead them to positive outcome.            


As registered nurses, health coaches and health practitioners we value your health and it is central to our concerns. 

This is why we focus on a collaborative practice, allowing us to provide high quality care and build a good health for our patients. 

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Don’t miss this opportunity and take charge of your health.

Full featured solution

This one month period service includes daily monitoring of capillary blood glucose, risk factor assessment, Education regarding blood glucose monitoring and insulin therapy, individualized care plan, adoption or reinforcement of healthy lifestyle and communication with your doctor.   

Price: $300            **Opening file FEE: $18

À la carte service

  • Capillary blood glucose measurement $ 25
  • Type 2 diabetes education $ 55
  • Diabetes risk screening $ 55
  • Stress management consultation $ 120
  • Weight loss consultation $ 120

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