Ear Wax Removal Service
performed by a nurse

Hearing loss, ear pressure or clogged? This feeling may be related to the presence of a wax plug in your ears.

Excessive wax in your ears can affect your audition and lead to a variety of annoying symptoms.

Make an appointment with the health coach nurse! This is the solution you need to get rid of that wax plug safely and painlessly.

What is the procedure for
ear wax removal?

Cerumen (ear wax) is a protective substance present in the ear canal, which is eliminated normally, by a natural physiological process. Among other things, it is a protection against infections and its presence in small or moderate quantity, is recommended.

In some people, this elimination process is compromised. In other people, the production of wax is excessive. The wax produced accumulates, forming a plug. That’s where we come in!

Prior to ear wax removal, one must prepare that process by self-instillation of mineral oil or olive oil in the ears. 2-3 drops twice daily for 3 to 5 days before treatment is recommended. The goal is to soften the wax plug to facilitate its extraction.
Before removing earwax, ear canals are inspected, to determine if ear wax removal is necessary or possible. This assessment help to detect presence of contraindication to ear irrigation (ear infection, eardrum perforation, etc.)
Ear wax plug is removed by irrigation, using a syringe and warm water. This process is painless, and improvement of symptoms is generally noted as soon as the plug is eliminated.