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& confidential service!

Strongly recommended for comfort and well-being of diabetic people, foot care service is offered without prescription. The health coach nurse team is made up of registered and accredited nurses with a large experience in nursing home care. Like our clients, rely on us for your foot care.

We take care of the following conditions:

Athlete’s foot

Diabetic foot

Nail disease

Feet skin deformation

(corns, calluses, crevices, etc.)


Here are some good tips for healthy feet


Dry your feet well...

between your toes then, moisturize with lotion after the shower or the bath.


When you apply...

lotion, take the opportunity to inspect your feet and do a simple self-massage.


Scrub your feet...

every week to remove dead skin and soften the skin.


Once a month...

take a relaxing foot bath with soothing salts or essential oils. Then, use a pumice stone if presence of roughness or calluses, push back the cuticles and cut (or file) your nails.


Choose to wear...

comfortable shoes and avoid using high heels for long periods of time.


Consult a professional...

if any abnormality noticed with your feet.