Are you a company that cares about the health and safety of your employees? Put the odds on your side and take advantage of our consulting nurse services to limit absenteeism and then increase health and safety at work. The health coach nurse can help!

Care and services provided by a certified integrative medicine nurse.

Global health approach favored.

Very competitive rates.

For the health of your employees

Having healthy employees improves productivity and reduces absenteeism at work. The health nurse coach helps you achieve these goals by offering a range of health prevention services such as:

»Annual influenza vaccination

»Employee health coaching

»Employee health education

»Pre-employment health assessment

»Laboratory samples as prescribed

»Screening and prevention of chronic diseases

»Thematic information kiosks (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.)

Service offered to pharmacies, clinics, seniors’ residences, private businesses and more.

What we offer

When the nurse health coach supports your employees, she provides them with caring support, access to an experienced nurse and stress relief.

Access to quality care provided by a qualified nurse at each visit.

Interventions focused on …

» Promoting, maintaining, and restoring health.

» Prevention of illnesses and accidents at work.

» Protection against environmental risks.

» Maintaining a safe and secure environment.

» Adopting healthy lifestyles.

» Education and health education.


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