Geriatric Health Care

This home support service is intended for seniors, people with physical or cognitive impairment, family caregivers and people in post- hospitalization period. The health coach nurse offers nursing care, health assessments, health education, health prevention info, and medical appointments management. She can accompany patients at their medical appointments, organize their medication, and help them with household chores and meals preparation. Our approach uses a holistic vision and adapts to patients needs and reality. We promote healthy recovery, safety, and a better quality of life. This service is offered long or short term for people living in Montreal and its surroundings.


Nursing care

Do you need a nurse from the comfort of your home? Our range of homecare services is remarkably diverse. It includes laboratory sample collection, injections, wound dressing, catheter care, ostomy care, tracheo care, stiches removal, vaccines and much more.

Preparation of medication

Our elders often take many medications.  Taking them at the right time without forgetting can be difficult if there is not a good organization or a well-established routine. The health coach nurse promotes adherence to treatment. She teaches each medication prescribed to the client, ensuring optimal understanding.  Then, she prepares your medication dosett and sets up strategies that allow you to remember their intake.


Fall and accident prevention

This service promotes home safety by identifying the risk factors, providing education and information. Assessment of client’s home, muscular strength, cognitive abilities, nutritional status, and medication will lead to valuable recommendations.


Preparation for medical follow-up

Visiting your doctor is particularly important as it gives you the opportunity to discuss your health and the means to improve it.

To properly prepare for your next medical visit, this service allows you to collect information such as blood pressure, glucose level, weight monitoring, vaccines and more. The health coach nurse delivers a short document reflecting your health. Document can be given to your health professional.

Alzheimer’s Assessment

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease requires patience. This is a destabilizing condition for the family and care givers. A good knowledge of the disease as well as its understanding contributes to the support of the family and helps to cope with the situation.  We assess, inform and support patients and families.


Peacefully accompanied by a nurse. This service is applicable to anyone requesting support from the hospital to his home. Post hospitalization accompaniment is reassuring, safe and convenient.