Our interventions

We are nurses. So, we care about you!
Did your doctor tell you that you are at risk of developing a chronic disease? Does diabetes or cardiovascular disease exist in your family? Do you have high cholesterol, exercise little, eat poorly and experience a stressful life? It is decided! You are going to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
However, this goal seems unattainable. You lack motivation, time, energy …, you simply procrastinate! This is where the health coach nurse comes in. She identifies your priority needs and explores potential barriers to achieving your health goals. Together, we establish a plan based on realistic goals.

When planning the arrival of baby, the health coach nurse is a great support with her expertise in perinatal care. She provides education and assistance before and after the birth of the baby. Pregnancy coaching, prenatal classes, pregnancy yoga and postpartum care are some of the services offered online. In addition, disease prevention, protection and health promotion is our mission.

Our recommendations

The health coach nurse does not replace your doctor and encourages you to follow his recommendations.
As a nurse, she provides information, support, advice and provides the care permitted by her role or as prescribed.
As a health coach, she motivates the client and promotes the adoption of a healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life.

Here is a brief range of our interventions:
comprehensive nursing care – Health education – Information and support for diseases and treatments – Help in preparing questions to ask the doctor – Support in the daily management of chronic diseases – Establishing an individualized action plan according to your needs – Guidance for self-commitment and health autonomy.- Motivation for appropriate health changes. – Encouraging and supporting the achievement of health goals – Advice, and perinatal support. – Well-being counseling – Stress management counseling- Health Coaching – Health promotion, and protection – Disease prevention – Home safety information. – Medication and side effects teaching. – Physical, mental, and emotional assessment- Laboratory sample taken at home with medical prescription … You need health support, do not hesitate! Contact us,

Responsibilities and duties

The information and services provided by the health nurse coach are not intended to be a substitute for your doctor’s advice, diagnosis, or prescribed treatment.
The health coach nurse focuses on health information, education, promotion, and prevention as well as inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. She encourages the client to maintain doctor’s visits and follow treatments.

Understand that the Health Coach Nurse does not act as a doctor, dietitian-nutritionist, or psychologist.
You choose the services of an experienced, licensed, and registered nurse who accompanies, motivates, supports, and guides you for your health.
The information received should be considered as a nursing opinion complementary to the advice of the doctor.

Anyone using our services must comply with a certain number of rules to preserve respect, harmony and then facilitate dialogue and reciprocal understanding between the health nurse coach and the client.

When services are available at home, please respect the nurse who visit your home and your appointment time as well. If you must cancel a service, please respect the terms and deadlines for cancellation. If these terms are not complied with, in accordance with our regulations, the health coach nurse may terminate services.

Prices and payment methods

The customer understands that obtaining our services is a commitment to pay the corresponding fees. It authorizes the health coach nurse to receive personal payment for the service required or received. The total payable varies according to the service offered. Prices are displayed online but are subject to change without notice. However, if a price change is made during the provision of care, the price will not change for the client concerned. Taxes are not applicable for direct care to individuals.

For online purchases:
PAYPAL system, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and prepaid cards are accepted. Please note that checks or money orders, cash, purchase orders, international transfers and bank transfers are not accepted for online payments.

For services at client’s home :
We accept personal checks and cash. Other payment methods may exist according to agreement with the customer.
Receipt provided for any payment made to the health coach nurse.

Nurse cancellation and delay

If you need to cancel a service, please notify us as soon as possible by contacting us by phone.

A minimum delay of 12 to 24 hours is adequate. If a service has not been canceled and our nurse comes to your home in your absence, you will have to pay as if you had received the service. We understand that there may be situations beyond the control of our clients resulting in the cancellation of an appointment. Therefore, your cooperation is important, and we ask you to notify us as soon as possible.

The above measures consider the inconvenience caused by canceling an appointment within our organization.
The health coach nurse is not responsible for delays in service caused directly or indirectly by the client. This includes invalid addresses and emails, leading to inability to provide service, incorrect or disconnected phone number, bad weather, strike, or other similar cause.

Nursing file and consent

A nursing file is created by the health coach nurse during your consultation. It contains all your health information and is kept for 5 years. The health coach nurse could access your computerized health record (in Quebec only) or possibly contact your doctor if necessary. If such a step is necessary, your consent will be required. This consent applies to any person legally able to consent to their care and services if the person is in full possession of their means. 

The Health Nurse Coach must have your authorization before you receive their care and services. Thus, your written consent will be requested at the beginning of the provision of care and services. However, you can refuse a treatment or service at any time.

Service request process

The nurse offers a range of services whose general process is simple and consistent as described in the following sentences:

1- Receiving the request by phone or e-mail processed within priority deadlines.
2- Free file opening with minimal data collection, list of medications and making an appointment for a homecare or clinic visit.
3- Consent to the care and services offered by the health coach nurse as well as awareness of our policy and values.
4- Assessment of the person’s health condition and identifying the person’s priority needs for homecare.
5- Proposal of a quote and / or services that can be personalized according to the individual’s specific needs.
6- Establishment of a care plan in partnership with the client according to Prochaska’s change model.
7- Application of the care plan by the client with support from the health coach nurse.
8- Continuous monitoring and assessment with the client.

Homecare and appointment

Health coaching, counseling and other nursing care can be offered at home by the health coach nurse. This mainly applies to the area of Montreal and its surroundings. Outside this zone, you will be charged a mileage fee. If this is your situation, this will be discussed during the home meeting.
The provision of care and services by the health coach nurse requires an appointment. Your collaboration is requested in respect of the planned appointments. 

It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible in the event of a situation making it impossible to meet your appointment. 

In addition, be aware that failure to respect an appointment and its non-cancellation may cause you to be charged extra fees.