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Are you a company that cares about the health and safety of your employees? Put the odds on your side and take advantage of our consulting nurse services to limit absenteeism and then increase health and safety at work. 


Blood sample from 5:00 AM

Our nurses can draw blood samples on adults and children. Analysis and test are performed either by a public laboratory (result in 2 to 5 days) or a private laboratory (result in 24 hours).

PRICE STARTING FROM: $65                 MORE INFO

Virtual nursing

Need a nursing advice, health or medical info? This service allows you to chat with the health coach nurse via phone, webcam, skype, facetime, whatsapp or zoom. If necessary, the nurse will direct you to the nearest walk-in clinic.


Vaccines for all

Need to get a vaccine? Save time and avoid lines up with this service offered in the comfort of your home. This service is provided to populations of all ages.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $70                   MORE INFO

Women's health

For women’s health, the health coach nurse offers services adapted to the different stages of women’s lives. Under certain conditions she prescribes contraception, vitamins and more.



Injections, dressings, ear washing, stitches removal, blood pressure monitoring, capillary blood sugar and more! Our team of healthcare professionals offers a wide range of nursing care with appointment.



L’infirmière Coach de santé offers her services to doctors and pharmacistts in a short, medium and long term. Contact us for more information.


Health of our seniors

For our seniors with cognitive, visual or physical impairment, the health nurse coach is of great support. It is a reassuring and comforting presence for families and caregivers.


Children health

Do you have a newborn or a young child? this service combining prevention and reinforcement of parental skills is essential for the safety of the little ones and the tranquility of the whole family.



You are a business, a pharmacy, a doctor’s office, an insurance company or a community organization, you can contact us if you need services from a private nurse.


Foot care

Strongly recommended for comfort and well-being of diabetic people, foot care service is offered without prescription.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $78                 MORE INFO

STD Testing

STBBI includes all sexually and blood transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes and HPV.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $120.88                 MORE INFO

Ear Wax Removal Service

Hearing loss, ear pressure or clogged? This feeling may be related to the presence of a wax plug in your ears.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $70                 MORE INFO


Homecare, assistance,
Post-operative care, help and support,
assessment for the entire family.

The health coach nurse makes private homecare accessible. This service is intended for people of all ages requiring a nurse at home. The need may be related to physical or cognitive impairment, a temporary disability, convalescence, post-hospitalization, post-delivery or any other reason.

The range of services offered covers nursing care, health assessment, health education, and illness prevention as well as their complications.



Aromatherapy takes into consideration a person’s general health, lifestyle, emotions, and spiritual values. With the help of aromatherapy, free yourself from stress, tension and negative energies. Aromatherapy is also a gentle way to address simple health problems. We use Dr. Bach flowers as allies to balance emotions.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $89                 MORE INFO


Our preventive consultations focus on:
1- Detection of bacteria, yeasts, parasites and identification of signs of dietary deficiencies, hormonal problems, heart health issues as well as allergies.

2- Assessment of the immune system, acid-base balance, effect of oxidative stress and heavy metals.
PRICE STARTING FROM: $120                 MORE INFO

Health & life coaching

The health Coach is a professional who supports the person by helping them balance the bio-psycho-social spheres of their life. Its broad field of action concerns disease prevention as well as maintenance and restoration of health.
By opting for health coaching, you will obtain the necessary tools to become the main actor in your health.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $120                 MORE INFO

Weight loss Goal

The number of obese Canadians has grown steadily over the past twenty-five years. Therefore, in practice, one cannot simply want to lose weight to get it done. An approach guided by evidence and close collaboration with a certified nutrition therapist and a range of  tools, including monitoring are available to help you achieve this goal.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $120                 MORE INFO

Nutritherapy Counselling

Nutritherapy is a discipline linking nutrition and medicine, based on pharmacological and therapeutic properties of nutrients and foods. It has been used  since very ancient times and today, more than yesterday, it is relevant.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $89                 MORE INFO

fibroids Counseling

Have you been diagnosed with uterine fibroids? Together we can explore all available options to allow you to make informed choices. We discuss both medicated and non-medicated options, including dietary changes, exercise plan and phytotherapy available to help you improve or manage that condition.

PRICE STARTING FROM: $89                 MORE INFO

Stress Management

Stress is a major modern problem and it causes many diseases. The heavy workload, relational instability and all the unforeseen events contribute to daily stress. To respond adequately, one must learn to manage it. This is where stress management can help. We can explain you how it work and teach you what can be done about it. 

PRICE STARTING FROM: $95                 MORE INFO

Quitting Smoking

Smoking puts a strain on your body and you are aware of the harmful impact of smoking on your health. It is responsible for more than 40 pathologies and 50% of chronic smokers die prematurely from diseases related to tobacco use.  If you have tried everything and nothing has worked? contact us today!

PRICE STARTING FROM: $120                 MORE INFO.

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01 _About us

We are a private local nursing practice, founded by registered nurses, members of OIIQ (ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec). We cumulate many years of experience in hospitals, CHSLD and CLSCs. Our professional backgrounds taking care of multicultural populations, immigrants, indigenous communities, and marginalized population as well, have prepared us to face a variety of complex health situations. We are proud and grateful to have served these populations and incredibly happy to offer now the HEALTH COACH NURSE services.

Certified in integrative medicine, our practice can combine conventional, complementary, and alternative treatments with evidence of safety and effectiveness. Person-centered care, we are committed to the provision of safe and competent nursing care, focusing on a humanist, holistic and transcultural approach. Considering a person in her globality, we motivate her to adopt a healthy lifestyle with guidance through informed health choices and empowerment.

We continuously strive for high quality home care. This is not only an act for us, but also a habit.
In addition to being a home care provider, we work in partnership with the health staffing agency, LES COACHS DE SANTE, to alleviate the health professional shortage in our health system. Doing things differently, LES COACHS DE SANTE agency aim to empower health professionals by facilitating independent practice and providing healthcare staffing solutions for health facilities. We are part of the shortage solution!

We care about everything! Health, wellness, and safety are our priorities. When dealing with our clients and partners, we put the emphasis on quality and experience. All our professionals go through a references, criminal, and background check process before being assigned to a job.

02_Our mission

Empower individuals while delivering high quality nursing care to populations of all ages.

L’INFIRMIÈRE COACH DE SANTÉ and the staffing agency LES COACHS DE SANTÉ are committed to a valuable partnership with clients. Our mission is based on the empowerment of people. The mandate is at first to provide quality care and prevent diseases, but we also, to raise awareness, guide, educate, and facilitate access to high quality care for all. Services are provided at home, in the office or at a location of your choice.

Our health coaching aims to facilitate the motivation of individuals in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, thereby avoiding chronic diseases or their complications.
We have the satisfaction of raising awareness among those at risk of chronic disease, educating parents or young people and providing quality care for all. Like you, we believe in the standard of accessible, appropriate, and competent health care for all. Thereby, in addition to offering home care services, our leadership contribute to empower health professionals responding actively to the growing demand of care in our population. Motivated to provide the best possible care to their patients, these health professionals provide care while acting as guides, teachers, motivators, and facilitators.

Being an integral part of the solution to the health providers shortage, our team of health professionals care while easily reconciling work – family – studies and great income. No doubt for us that contributing to their professional development and financial satisfaction, is also our mission!

03_Our roles and limits

The health coach nurse target is not only to care but also to education, teach, inform, and empower individuals to take greater control and responsibility of their health, and well-being. We do not replace the advice provided by your doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, or other healthcare professional. We do not deliver any medical diagnosis or promote any medical product.

The health coach nurse guides and supports people when it comes to care, disease management and prevention.
Educational content concerning health and well-being topics are offered to help people make healthy and informed choices. One should not stop or delay prescribed treatment, test, or medication based on this educational content.

The complementary therapy programs offered by the health coach nurse have proven efficacy and safety. However, one should not stop or delay medical treatment without talking at first with his medical provider.
Tell your doctor if you plan to use integrative, complementary, or alternative medicine.

Tell him about all prescribed and non-prescribed medication, herbs, dietary supplements, and vitamins you are taking. By doing so, you will allow a better care coordination. We are all partners for your health!

04_Our clients

We provide services to any individual, health facility and business of any size requiring the presence of a nurse, nurse assistant or beneficiary attendant. Various nursing care, support for seniors, health education for all, vaccination, post-partum and post-surgery support as well as guidance when receiving a new medical diagnosis are available. If you need a qualified health professional, contact-us. Your health is our business!

05_Our partners


Retrait d’agraphes

Suite à une chirurgie, j’ai contacté mon infirmière Gisèle, de Infirmière Coach de Santé. Gisèle s’est occupée de la guérison de mes plaies de chirurgie au coeur (4 pontages) ainsi qu’à la jambe. Elle a sue méthodiquement et en toute dextérité, retirer 91 sutures par agrafes chirurgicales et prévenir bactéries et infections. Son travail est impeccable. De plus, au delà des soins infirmiers prodigués, ses encouragements et son soutien moral ont rassurées et apaiser mes craintes face à cette événement qui me terrifiait.

Jacques Poirier


Une infirmière compétente

Infirmière super compétente, attentive et dédiée. Je recommande sans hésiter ce service à domicile. Merci Gisèle!

Frederique Hamel


Superb service!

Superb service, knowledgeable, compassionate, dedicated and caring. Willing to see patients 7 days a week from 5 am to 8 pm with appointments.

Lascelles Wright