For your own health
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The health coach nurse makes private home care accessible. Focusing on disease prevention and then aiming at empowering people, she improves the experience of those receiving care at home. So, when you need nursing care because of your advanced age, injury, disability, illness, or simply because you lost your mobility, contact us!
For injections, vaccines, laboratory sample collection, wound care, dressings, stitches removal, STD screening, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring and much more, you can count on us to help you!

Medication administration

Only with medical prescription

Wound care and dressings

Removal of staples and stitches.

Much more!

Ear washing, blood sugar monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and more.

“Our mandate is to promote health through information, teaching & education …”

– The Health Coach Nurse

Nursing care provided

Injections of medication

For an injection of Depo-provera, vitamin B12, insulin, or other prescribed medication, make sure you have the medication and a valid medical prescription, when you see the nurse.

To avoid delays, contact us!

Wounds and dressings

This service offered with or without prescription requires a preliminary nursing evaluation. You might have to take analgesia (tylenol) thirty minutes before the treatment. There are different prices depending on the type of dressing needed. 

One must have the necessary equipment during homecare. Additional costs if the nurse provides the equipment.

Stitches removal

Threads, staples, and stitches are installed in the skin after an injury or surgical laceration. Bringing the edges of the wound together, the stitches help in faster healing. 

For a good healing, it is sometimes necessary to remove them and apply a protective dressing.

Capillary blood glucose monitoring

Hyperglycemia causes significant damage to certain organs. It leads to complications of diabetes such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eyes problems and much more. Using a glucometer, monitoring capillary blood sugar is easy. This is an important action to take because, it helps to manage diabetes. It also allows to know the effectiveness of the treatment as well as its possible adjustment. 

This service includes teaching, motivates self-care, facilitates understanding of disease and adherence to treatment.

Blood pressure monitoring

Monitoring blood pressure is crucial in people with hypertension and / or kidney disease. This monitoring service allows the doctor to know the effectiveness of the treatment and its possible adjustment. At each visit, the nurse checks your blood pressure and pulse, then monitors it closely. The teaching included, facilitates self-care, understanding of disease and disease management. It also helps the patient for the knowledge of his medication to facilitate adherence to treatment.

Blood pressure measurement.
Teaching for blood pressure measure.
Teaching for Medication taken.

Ear wash

Excess earwax can cause discomfort. The person may then experience hearing loss, ear plugged, dizziness, vertigo, or tinnitus. With no ear disease diagnosis (otitis, eardrums perforation or more), ear washing is indicated. Prior to ear wash, instill 2-3 drops of mineral oil or olive oil in the ears 3 to 5 days before the treatment. We offer homecare for residents of Montreal and surrounding areas. 

Service available only with appointment.

Post-Op Convalescence

The health coach nurse team can provide personalized nursing care, education, support and help at home after surgery. Your advantage is the collaboration with on single healthcare professional for your healthcare, help with household chores, meal preparation and hygiene care. We offer complete professional care at home to facilitate your convalescence, reduce your risk of infection and allow you to recover quickly and safely. 

Contact us and choose the package that suits you!

Medication administration.
Dressings and wound care.
Nursing assessment.
Vital signs monitoring.
Help with meals.
Help with hygiene care.

Virtual nurse advice

Need a nursing advice concerning a health problem, a medication, a medical test, a laboratory analysis, or any medical question? This service is available for you! 

Contact us and find the answers to your questions.