Therapeutic intervention
for body and soul

Nutritherapy is a discipline linking nutrition and medicine, based on pharmacological and therapeutic properties of nutrients and foods. Here, food is considered as medication to prevent and manage certain diseases. In fact, it is simply a question of healing oneself by eating.

This principle is nothing new! Thousands of years ago, the Chinese prescribed a diet based on algae to treat goiter. Today, many scientific studies confirm this principle and emphasize the importance of the relationship between food and health. Eat while considering your health condition!

Nutritherapy counseling
service details

01. Free preliminary telephone interview

Before the home visit, a 20-minute interview is necessary to target the specific needs of the person and prepare for the meeting.

02. Individual consultation and nutritional behavior analysis

The consultation begins with a personalized assessment with technical and modeled tools. Body analysis is essential to establish the current nutritional status. Mindful Eating and Body Image exercises are offered.

03. Nutri-health-well-being program at home

An individualized action plan is established at the end of the consultation. It includes nutritional counseling for adopting a diet that positively influences the intestinal flora (bacteria living inside the intestine). The goal is to help your body absorb and synthesize the nutrients you need and then boost your immune system.

04. Follow-up phone call

This follow-up is highly recommended but not mandatory. It is a 20 to 30 minutes interview scheduled about a week after the initial consultation.


» Nausea

» Asthma

» Diabetes

» Allergies

» Hypertension

» Uterine fibroids

​» Repeated yeast infections

» Arthritis pain

» Deficient diet

» Need to boost immunity

» Migraines, and much more

Preventive goals

» Nutritional supplements

» Vitamins and minerals

» Active ingredients in food