Therapeutic intervention
for body and soul

Therapeutic intervention for body and soul Phytotherapy uses plants and natural products containing active ingredients as medicines. So even for a trivial condition, you should not take any natural products, dietary supplements, and vitamins without the advice of a healthcare practitioner. This applies even more when dealing with a particular health condition or treatment. The health coach nurse informs you about the natural products of your choice. She researches the literature on their properties, interactions, side effects, conditions of use and contraindications. The goal is to allow you to prepare for your next medical visit and discuss your choice to use herbal medicine.

Service provided by a nurse certified in integrative medicine

herbal medicine

« Most plant species that grow in the world have therapeutic properties, because they contain active ingredients that act directly on the body. They are used both in classical medicine and in herbal medicine. These plants have advantages that drugs often lack » (Larousse, 2001).

Thus, in the form of poultices, decoctions, infusions, fleet enemas, ointments and more, medicinal plants are allies of health used since the dawn of time as a treatment.
Today, many people greatly appreciate the support these plants provide to their health. However, although they are natural, their use for medicinal purposes should be done with some caution. Their inadequate dosage, their association with certain pharmaceutical products and their use in pregnant women or when contraindicated, can represent a threat to health. This is the reason why the health coach nurse presents this herbal therapy counseling service.