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and a smooth transition to motherhood.

Combining all her knowledge, skills and many years of experience working in the delivery room and mother-baby unit, the Health Coach Nurse is happy to offer you comprehensive personalized pregnancy coaching and support.

Structured in the form of one-off sessions or in the form of accompaniment, this virtual service extends beyond pregnancy. It allows future parents to acquire knowledge independently while having the support of a seasoned health professional.

Who is it for,

pregnancy coaching?

Although the moments surrounding motherhood are usually wonderful, they are sometimes punctuated by periods of stress, fears, worries or anxiety, about pregnancy, childbirth or newborn care.

This virtual pregnancy coaching service is not only for women who are giving birth for the first time (first-time mothers). Women who have experienced a previous pregnancy (multi-parous) can also benefit from this service. This is a significant helping that is intended for any pregnant woman or woman who has recently given birth.

Providing in a highly personalized way, a complement to the usual medical care system and helping to prepare parents-to-be, both physically and psychologically, this service combines different beneficial holistic approaches such as pregnancy yoga, meditation and active relaxation sessions that ensure a positive connection between mother and baby.

What the research says about

Pregancy Coaching?

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Discover how virtual pregnancy coaching can transform the experience of moms-to-be into a journey filled with confidence and tranquility.  
 For moms-to-be, having consistent, quality support is essential. Virtual pregnancy coaching is an innovative solution that offers personalized and professional support at home.
Studies show that women who receive ongoing support during pregnancy are less likely to suffer from prenatal complications and have higher satisfaction rates.
“Continuous support during labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth.” (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2017). 


Pregnancy Coaching?

In 10 points, here is Lakeesha’s opinion!

Lakeesha, a young mother-to-be, choosed this service to accompany her during her first pregnancy. She shares her experience and the benefits she found in this revolutinary service.

1. Ongoing Support: “As a first-time mother, I had so many questions. With virtual pregnancy coaching, I was able to get answers anytime, day or night. It was like having a personal midwife available all the time.”

2. Professional Expertise: “The advice I received came from certified and experienced professionals. It reassured me to know that I could trust their recommendations.”

3. Home comfort: “I was able to get all this support without having to leave the comfort of my home. No need for stressful trips or long waits in the waiting room.”

4. Personalized Planning: “My coach created a personalized pregnancy plan that specifically addressed my needs and concerns. Every woman is different, and this service understood that perfectly.”

5. Stress and Anxiety Management: “The relaxation techniques and stress management tips were invaluable. I learned to stay calm and enjoy my pregnancy.”

6. Education and Information: “Virtual coaching has given me a wealth of information about the different stages of pregnancy, what signs to look out for, and how to prepare for childbirth. I felt informed and prepared.”

7. Flexible Schedules: “The service was incredibly flexible. I could plan my coaching sessions according to my schedule, even in the evenings and on weekends.”

8. Health Monitoring: “Regular monitoring of mother-to-be and baby’s health has kept me on track, identifying any potential issues early, and discussing them with my doctor.”

9. Emotional Support: “Talking with my coach really helped to overcome the moments of uncertainty and fear. Emotional support was just as important as medical advice.”

10. Preparing for Childbirth: “As the due date approached, virtual pregnancy coaching helped me prepare myself mentally and physically. I had practical exercises and breathing techniques to help me get through labor.”

Virtual pregnancy Coaching

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Virtual Service

Required equipement

To be able to benefit from virtual nursing services, our customers must have a personal device with minimal connection, excellent reliability and good performance.

In addition, a stable internet connection is important to avoid interruptions during the consultation. If your internet connection is unstable, we recommend that you request to receive the service via phone.


You can receive this virtual service as a phone call to your home.

Cell phone

A valid and working local cell phone number is required for this service.

Internet access

For online service or Telehealth, stable internet connexion is required.


The possession of a computer may be required for virtual services.