An optimal state of health and well-being is necessary for students to succeed in school. However, achieving this goal is a challenge for many stakeholders. Considering these elements, the health coach nurse offers her services in schools and preschools for health educational activities to prevent and promote health.

Public and private school nursing services

educational activities

We contribute to students health.

» Preventing tooth decay.

» Annual influenza vaccination.

» Teen Sexual education.

» Preventing bullying.

» Promoting healthy Lifestyle.

» Drug, tobacco and alcohol prevention

» Infection prevention and hand washing

» Thematic information kiosks (Asthma, Allergies, cancers, etc.)

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    With winter approaching, the flu is upon us!

    Don’t wait for her to catch you, get vaccinated …

    The health nurse coach’s office is a flu vaccination center approved by the National Institute of Public Health. We offer flu vaccination. Our appointment schedules are flexible, we can come to your home. We speak French, English and Spanish. No more waiting and zero stress!

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