Therapeutic intervention
for body and soul

The heavy workload, relational instability and all the unforeseen events contribute to daily stress. To respond adequately, one must learn to manage it. We help you by using a new approach, combining teaching, motivation, positive psychology, relaxation, breathing techniques and integrative medicine. This combination provides a solid foundation for dealing with stressful situations. This leads to stress relief, improvement of the symptoms of stress and a greater capacity to function in a stressful environment. We guarantee that you will understand the mechanisms involved, the causes of stress and then, together, we will find personalized, effective, and concrete solutions.

A certified integrative medicine nurse, to help you manage your stress.

The stress management program is done in 3 steps :

This is a recommended partnership for a minimum of 3 months (1 meeting every 2 weeks). You must send us your online health questionnaire at least 24 hours before the initial meeting.


Problem identification, needs assessment, goals clarification, highlighting strengths and weaknesses related to the health goal to achieve is the done as a preparation. Then, we set-up a personalized and realistic action plan, which client starts to implement.


Progress evaluation and corrections are done if necessary as well as motivation to keep your goal in sight. You receive documentation and tools to support you throughout your journey and strengthen your knowledge.


Assessment, reassessment of the situation and reinforcement of goal done with close monitoring. One hour meeting each time, and two follow-ups via phone, skype or zoom.


This stress management program offered by the health nurse coach combines teaching with several approaches to integrative medicine. Considering your stress symptoms and your risk factors for developing or worsening stress-related illnesses (hypertension, chest pain, anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, psychological problems, etc.), it sets up a plan action with regular follow-ups to promote change and maintain it over the long term. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits contributes to better physical balance, while the integrative medicine approach increases vitality. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the client’s reality and go at his own pace.

Benefits of this service

» Personalized coaching respecting your rhythm

» Effective strategies and concrete tools

» Personalized action plan

» Regular assessments and follow-ups

» Global health approach

» Integrative medicine advice

» Evidence-Based Information

Health goals

» Prevention of stress-related illnesses

» Understanding stress and its causes

» Respond effectively in moments of stress

» Learn relaxation techniques

» Practice the letting go