Urgently need to speak with a nurse?

You are in the right place and athe right time.

Soon, you will benefit from the expertise of a clinical nurse, certified in integrative medicine, recognized for her kindness and compassion. 

Book an appointment, specifying the reason for your consultation and indicating the best time to join you. Then, make your payment by email transfer as indicated. A nurse will contact you.

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In the age of technology, we are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Our virtual nurse service offers continuous, personalized support and assistance, ensuring your safety and well-being at home.

If you are looking for nursing advice regarding health problems, the effects of a medication, a medical test, a laboratory analysis or other, this service is for you!

Find answers to your questions to:

  • Discussing mental health

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Relieving symptoms

  • Making informed choices

  • Know when to go to the emergency room

  • Preventing diseases

  • Managing Pain

  • and much more…

Receive tons of health advice from trusted sources, by talking to nursing professionals and health practitioners experienced in alternative medicine.


It works?

This virtual nurse service has been designed to meet a need for high-quality support when a person needs assistance to make informed choices, get advice or simply benefit from a attentive ear that actively listens.
Serving the population of Quebec, this personalized service is essential, fast, comforting and reassuring.



Accessibility 24/7

Avoid ER visits

Referral if needed

Personnalized counselling

Practicality and confort

Ease of use


14 years and over.

Make your payment

Stable internet access

Valid local phone

Valid e-mail



Population of all ages

Mental health

Femmes enceintes

Chronic illnesses

New immigrants



The consultation is conditional upon receipt of your payment.

This must reach us no later than 15 minutes before the consultation. 

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is the best decision made
 for me and my family.

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$3999/ 45 minutes

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Virtual nurse service

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