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Have you realised how important it is to care about your physical, mental and emotional health? We are happy that you did! Here, you found the perfect place for that. Our online shop gives access to a whole range of diversified health education products, focusing on health prevention. These products allow to: 

  • Express their feelings.
  • Inspire, encourage and celebrate.
  • Empower patients.
  • Equip caregivers.
  • Take charge of your health.
  • Make informed and healthy choices.
  • and, be the main actor of your health.


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Dozens of educational digital products,

Loved by our patients and recommended by our caregivers.

Infirmière coach de santé and les coachs de santé, are your trusted Online health education partners. We accompany you on your health journey from A to Z.
From prevention to treatment information, including holistic health approach, we keep you informed.
By creating unique digital products, we help people maintain and improve their health, while enabling an increadible health education experience. All that in a pleasent way and in no time. 

Most popular product categories

Videos my God!

These videos and cartoons explain health conditions in a simple manner. Health questions are answered from A to Z. 

Care PRO

Essential for managing symptoms and then planning care, These products are relevant for  patients and caregivers.


Let your foog be your medicine!
This category put the emphasis on the impact of nutrition on health. It’s called nutritherapy.

Health Cards

Vibrant cards filled with useful information to use as greeting cards. They promote health and express good health wishes for any occasion.


Coloring books for 4 to 12 years old children ages.
Beautifully illustrated, these books teach health in a joyful and funny way.


When reading, mark your page with an original and attractive educational bookmark that stimulates your intellect and brain functions.


Find your next bedside e-book here. We offer a wide selection of e-books not to be missed… Make your choice!

Tools & Apps

A source of truly stunning, practical and simple tools that help save time, money and bring some structure to your care.


Library of educational pamphlets rich in information. These can be integrated into a patient teaching plan.

Discover our special offers on e-books!

Read an educational booklet each week. Every day the best deals are here. No need to break the bank to learn and improve your health.

Featured cards

Discover our best sellers

Hey, you finally found it! Now you can stop looking for that perfect elegant card, just download and print it in minutes. You can make it your own. Come and check our wide range of health and wellness cards. Enjoy these cards and save your money. No Shipping fees and surprisingly low price. You’ll love it!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know what theme you want and we will contact you as soon as this type of product becomes available. We update our product catalog each week. So, register and see you soon!