Therapeutic intervention
for body and soul

It is a form of deep tissue massage that uses muscle manipulation techniques to help relieve pain, contributing to relaxation as well as better quality sleep. Promoting the natural healing process, the benefits include more balanced health and well-being. The evidence agrees that this massage is therapeutic and complementary to the treatment of several health conditions. Postural stiffness, muscle tension, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia are just a few examples.

Benefits of therapy

» Stress relief

» Anxiety relief

» Improved mobility

» Reduction of muscle tension

» Improved sleep quality

» Improved blood circulation

» Sense of relaxation and well-being

» Improved lymphatic circulation

» Pain relief (neck, back, legs)

» Relieves migraines and fibromyalgia


Certain conditions are contraindications to therapeutic massage, the health coach nurse always carries out a preliminary assessment.  Hemophilia, phlebitis, fractures, and fever are absolute contraindications to therapeutic massage. Other conditions such as inflammation, cancer, diabetes, varicose veins, hypertension, and skin conditions may require special care. 

If your condition does not allow it and you still wish to benefit from this service, a medical prescription will be required.

Please note that the therapeutic massage has no erotic objective.