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Vaccination helps to stop the spread of several diseases. The health nurse coach’s office is a vaccination center approved by the National Institute of Public Health. We offer the flu vaccination, children vaccination and travel vaccination. Our schedule is flexible, and we can come to your place. So, wait no longer and get a stress free appointment!

Childhood vaccination

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Adult vaccination

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Travel vaccination

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Since the invention of the first attenuated vaccine by Pasteur in the 19th century, certain deadly infectious diseases have been eradicated, proving the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing disease. As a result, we know that disease prevention inevitably involves educating populations and vaccinating them. Being an easy and effective way of prevention, it does not only protect the vaccinated person, but also those around them. It also contributes to establish a strong and healthy community.

Vaccination is an accessible preventative measure! If you are planning a trip, remember to get your shot. Our schedule is flexible, and we can come to your place!


For our seniors

The flu vaccine is recommended annually people older than 6 months age as well as for elders. The other vaccine recommended for this population group is the one fighting pneumococcus, an agent that causes, among other things, pneumonia, and ear infections.

Children vaccination

Vaccination strengthens a child’s immune system by stimulating the production of antibodies. 

The Quebec vaccination calendar recommends children vaccination to start from the age of two months old. The vaccines are free, you only pay the injection costs.

Vaccinate our teens

Quebec’s immunization schedule also provides for the routine vaccines that adolescents should receive. These are the Hepatitis B vaccine, the dcat vaccine against diphtheria, the vaccine against meningococcus, whooping cough and tetanus. Also offered, the vaccine against human papillomavirus and finally, the one against influenza.

For 50 years old and more

Do you remember suffering from chickenpox in your childhood? The virus remains dormant in your body for many years and then reactivates and manifests itself as Shingles. This usually happens in people fifty years and older. Vaccination against shingles helps prevent this very painful disease.

For travelers

While traveling, you are exposed to diseases not encountered in Canada. Check your vaccination status and get vaccinated considering the country to visit. You may be refused entry to certain countries if your vaccines are not up to date.

To ensure optimal immunization coverage, make sure you receive all the recommended vaccine doses before leaving Canada.

You are pregnant?

Vaccinated pregnant women provides immune protection for the baby in his first 2 months of life.

Pregnant women can receive the inactivated influenza vaccine at any stage of pregnancy. They also should receive acellular pertussis vaccine combined with  diphtheria and tetanus (Tdap) vaccines even if they have been vaccinated before pregnancy.