health care for women

We offer a complete range of personalized care that meets women needs at all stages in their lives.
Services includes basic health care such as birth control pills but also antenatal, postnatal care and menopause care. This concept of homecare is very convenient especially for pregnant women. Indeed, certain conditions during pregnancy can be limiting. Our presence at home is reassuring in addition to providing advice, education, and teaching. In addition to women health services, home vaccination service for kids, based on Quebec vaccination protocol is available.

We support young parents and strengthen their competence following a birth or adoption.

PAP test & contraception

Certain conditions apply.

Woman’s assessment

From adolescence to menopause.

Health education and
learning advice

Pregnancy coaching

This Pregnancy coaching service allows privileged moments with the health coach nurse to discuss your pregnancy concerns, to receive teaching, information and education on the themes surrounding the perinatal period.
It includes prenatal class preparation, postpartum depression screening as well as postnatal support.

Personalized private 1 for 1 service, including zoom meeting support throughout pregnancy and up to two weeks postpartum (60 minutes, every other week or 18 meetings during pregnancy and 2 during postpartum period).

Morning after pill

This oral emergency contraception can be used for up to 5 days after unprotected sex or a broken condom. However, taking it early is preferable. If you are in such a situation, the health coach nurse can help you. With no contraindication (allergy), the health coach nurse can prescribe the morning-after pill after. A nursing assessment is required.

** Conditions:
– No allergy to the prescribed drug.
– No pregnancy in progress.
– Less than 5 days following the last intercourse.

Urinary tract infection advice

Les infections urinaires sont plus fréquentes chez les femmes. Elles sont causées par la présence de bactéries dans la vessie. Généralement, la personne se plaint entre autres de sensation de brûlure en urinant, un besoin urgent et fréquent d’uriner, du sang dans l’urine et de douleurs au bas ventre ou au bas du dos. Le traitement prescrit est une prise d’antibiotiques. Pour mieux comprendre ce qu’est l’infection urinaire et apprendre à les éviter, le counseling de l’infirmière coach de santé peut vous être utile.
Service sur rendez-vous uniquement. Contactez-nous!


Vaginal infections advice

Among other things, vagina yeast infection can be caused by a change in the vaginal flora.
Resulting in discomfort and vaginal itching, it is nevertheless possible to prevent them or reduce their occurrence. The health coach nurse provides you with advice on preventing these infections and strengthening your immune system. Using her knowledge of integrative medicine, she will also teach you several non-pharmacological means to use when dealing with this condition. This service is offered at home with appointment only. Contact us!


Back to healthy weight

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. A weight gain of around 10 kg is expected. An already overweight or obese woman should hardly gain weight even during pregnancy while a skinny woman should gain more during pregnancy. To return to a healthy weight after pregnancy, a correction in diet and physical exercise is helpful. The health nurse coach also considers the physiological and psychological factors associated with achieving this goal.


Prenatal classes

Running out of time to attend prenatal classes?
Our prenatal course formula combining online videos and home visits offers great flexibility. Thus, you avoid waiting lists while preparing to receive your baby. In addition, the health coach nurse provides support by email and answers your questions. During the home visit, she assesses your health condition and then provides you with educational support.

6 blocks of 2 hours each accompany the educational videos available online 24/7. Prepare your mental and body for childbirth with the support of competent professionals.


Cytology / PAP test

The PAP test (Papanicolau test) is a test to detect abnormal cells in the cervix.

It is recommended every 2-3 years in women 21 to 65 years of age. The health coach nurse performs this sample collection with a medical prescription. Results sent to the prescribed Doctor within 5 working days.

** Conditions:
– No vaginal bleeding during the visit.
– No vaginal lesions during the sample.
– No gynecological surgery for the last 8 weeks.
– No abortion for the last 8 weeks.


Hormonal contraception

There are several contraceptive methods considered highly effective when used correctly. The choice must be made in a thoughtful and informed manner. Possible side effects, advantages, disadvantages, contraindications, lifestyle, recent childbirth, breastfeeding and even personal preferences, are all important points to discuss before choosing your contraception.

** Conditions:
– No allergy to the prescribed drug.
– No pregnancy in progress.
– No contraindication.


Fibroids & infertility advice

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that can significantly affect quality of life and fertility, and then lead to severe complications. Given the many treatment options available and the fact that some women do not require surgery, we believe it is important to provide personalized counseling to women living with this condition. The goal is to provide information, to provide symptom management tools and to enable women to make informed choices.


Slow down aging

The health coach nurse helps you slow down aging by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. This service contributes to internal body wellness, which reflects on the outside. Anti-wrinkle creams, botox, diets, etc… are all methods that serve this same goal. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle will allow you to achieve this goal in a very economical, safe and above all sustainable way. Using her knowledge of integrative medicine, the health coach nurse will also teach you several ways other than proven pharmacological. This service is offered at home with appointment only. Contact us!

Port-partum follow-up

During this period of adaptation for the family, several risky situations threatening health can arise. In addition, the lack of knowledge about care related to the baby can affect the esteem of the mother and weaken parental competence. This service begins when you return home with your baby. It includes a baby and mother nursing assessment as well as targeted teaching on several topics such as newborn care, baby weight monitoring, post-partum depression screening, post-partum monitoring and more.

Dysmenorrhea advice

Dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain is a common condition that can be very bothersome. It affects women of childbearing age. Effective management should use a multidisciplinary approach, lifestyle modifications and good treatment adherence. The health coach nurse offers individualized counseling that allows you to make informed choices and learn about pharmacological and non-pharmacological management methods to relieve menstrual pain.

Menopause advice

Menopause is a period assorted with physiological changes for women. Marking the end of menstruation and ovulation, it is a natural process that manifests itself in hot flashes, variable mood, and physical manifestations.
These symptoms, indicative of low estrogen, can significantly affect quality of life. We must learn to manage these symptoms daily. The health coach nurse advises you on how to get through this period while being informed.

Breast-feeding godmother

Breastfeeding difficulties can make this experience unpleasant and lead to stopping breastfeeding. In such a situation, the health nurse coach can help you. Based on mother-child care experience at the birthing center, knowledge of alternative medicine and the evidence-based information, the health coach nurse brings you effective solutions against many problems related to breastfeeding. This individualized support service is offered at home. It is intended for women with breastfeeding difficulties. The integrative medicine certified nurse who accompanies you here, tackles the problem from a holistic approach. Following its assessment, she proposes an action plan.


Virtual nurse advice

Need a nursing advice concerning a health problem, a medication, a medical test, a laboratory analysis or other?
This service is available for you! Contact us and find the answers to your questions!

» Strengthen your immune system.
» Relieve menopause symptoms.
» Living better with uterine fibroids.
» Stimulate the couple’s fertility.
» Avoid urinary tract and vaginal infections.
» Manage menstruation pain.
» Health education capsules (FREE).