Dressings and wound

SIMPLE dressings

If you need to change a dressing or a wound assessment, please contact us. 
Our nursing team will ensure that you receive the assessment, care, education and necessary tools to heal your wound.

Teaching includes dressing changes, pain management, and monitoring as well as prevention of possible complications. 

STARTING PRICE: $60            


Whether it is a surgical wound or a chronic wound, our nurses pay particular attention to wound care, allowing you a rapid recovery.

Occasional and regular service offered both in clinic and at home.

With your permission, our nurses can also connect with your doctor. Contact-us for more details.



Removing sutures, stiches or staples is a crucial step in the wound healing process.

Our dedicated and qualified nurses have the expertise to perform this procedure with minimal pain or risk of possible complications. However, it is recommended to take analgesia 30 minutes before starting the procedure. 

Wound care:

This service is for anyone who …

  • Need to have a wound assessment.

  • Has a surgical wound.

  • Need a dressing change.

  • Has stiches or staples to remove.

Like many patients, one need to receive appropriate care and advice to help a wound heal and prevent inections as well as other serious complications.

Our goal is to provide clients with superior quality services. In order to achieve that goal, we use individualized care plans. We can also work closely with your doctor and keep him informed about the wound improvement. 

**Please note that particularly for complex dressings, client must have his own equipment (bandage, compress, cream, and any item) necessary for his wound dressing.

This wound care service contributes to

Better overall health outcomes

– Reduce or avoid visits to emergency room.

– Improve client confort.

– Provide education to the client.

– Allow proactive monitoring of client condition.

Covered by your insurance


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